What is IG Full Form? What Does IG Stand For? The Essential Guide to Indian Police Ranks


IG Full Form :- Understanding IG: A Look at This Senior Police Officer in India

Friends, you must have heard the word IG in the job field of Indian Police, but do you know Who is IG in Indian Police? Or What is IG Full Form? And what is the rank of IG in Indian Police?

If not, then in today’s article, we are going to tell you that who is the IG in the Indian Police? And what is IG Full Form?

Hello friends, welcome to all of you on our blog TachFan.in . Friends, in today’s article, we will know that what is the rank of IG post in Indian Police? What is the full name of IG (IG Full Form)? And apart from this, in this article, we will also know how to become an IG? And will also tell some other full forms of IG in different fields.

What is IG Full Form? 

So friends, let us tell you that the full form of IG in Indian Police is Inspector General of Police.

IG Full Form in Indian Police : Inspector General of Police

IG Full Form in Indian Police Inspector General of Police

Who is the Inspector General of Police (IG)?

IG is a senior officer rank post in the police department. Which is bigger than SP and SSP of any district.

IG (Inspector General of Police) is a rank higher than SP and DIG in the Indian Police Department, under whose direction at least four to five SPs work.

The IG officer is the only person who takes the responsibility of maintaining the law and order in his circle by using the powers he has, that means the responsibility of the police system at the circle level rests with the IG officer.

The bigger the post in the police department, the more your responsibility also increases. On the shoulder of the IG officer, there is the responsibility of the work system of the entire divisional level.

It is a high and honorable post in the police department, and an IG is identified by two swords with a cross on the shoulder and a star on it.

The position of IG in Indian Police is almost similar to Brigadier Rank as a ranking. The responsibility of the IG in the police department is very high. As their identity, their uniform is also different.

Uniform of IG

Uniform of IG

In the uniform of IG, there is two swords with 1 star and cross on their shoulders. And below that IPS is written.

IG is a high and respectable post of police department, it has a lot of administrative rights. If you have heard the name of DIG, then this post is a bigger post than that. Best way to identify that anyone is on IG Post, it is that there are two swords crossed on its shoulder and there is a star on it.

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If you want to make a career by joining the police department, then there are many posts in the field of police department, in which working on a government post like IG officer is a golden and honorable thing, if you want to make a career on the post of IG, then the question arises that “How To Become IG Officer?, How to prepare to become an IG officer, what to do to become an IG officer?

 In such a situation, if you are also thinking of becoming IG (Inspector General of Police), then you must read this article till the end. Now here in the article below how do you become IG (Inspector General of Police)? All information related to this has been given

How to Become An IG Officer (Inspector General of Police)?

In India, you can get any major administrative post in two ways, the first is by passing a competitive exam and the second way is that you are already working on some other administrative post and get promoted on it.

 But friends, if you want to be an IG Officer, then for this you have only this second option, it means that there is no direct recruitment of any person in this post, in this you can get this post only through promotion.

If you want to make a career in the post of IG (Inspector General of Police), then first of all you have to become IPS by passing Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) or State Civil Services examination with good ranks so that you can get the post of DSP.

And after that, on the promotion of IPS, he will get the position of SP (Superintendent of Police). After that you can do promotion to DIG after few years of experience. And then after its experience, you can become IG by getting promoted.

Because even after becoming an IPS officer, one should have some years of experience in the police department to get the post of IG.

Qualification to become An IG Officer 

It is mandatory for any person to have at least a bachelor’s degree to make IG Officer through promotion, then it does not matter whether he has done a bachelor’s degree from any field.

 To become an IG Officer, some examinations are conducted by the State and Center in India, such as this post can be obtained by being selected and promoted by one of the UPSC or State PSC.

Age Limit 

The age limit has been set by the government for any person to become an IG Officer, such as

  • The minimum age limit for General Category candidate to become IG Officer is 21 to 30 years and candidates of this category can give this exam only 6 times.
  • On the other hand, to become an IG Officer for the OBC category, a total of 9 times can give this exam.
  • Apart from this, students of SC / ST category can give this exam unlimited times or till their age is determined.

Note :- This Attempt will count only when you sit in the Preliminary Exam of Entrance Exam. If you do not give the exam after applying the form, then your attempt will not count.

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IG Salary

Salary of an IG Officer or any other officer is not fixed, it depends on how well he has handled the challenge and responsibility of his post. By the way, the salary of IG is very good, it can be around one lakh or more and along with it they are also given government vehicles, houses to live in, travel services and other allowances.

Facilities provided to an IG Officer 

  • An IG officer is given a government house by the government to live in.
  • Apart from this, government vehicles and drivers are also given to the IG Officer by the government.
  • And the IG and their families are given life long medical facilities by the government.
  • An IG Officer is also always provided with 24/7 security guards by the government for security.

So friends, in this article, we have told you what is the full name of IG? Or what is the Full Form of IG? And what is the rank of IG in Indian Police? But friends, this IG Term does not have only one meaning, but there are different full forms of IG in different fields, about which we will now know further.

Some Other IG Full Form

IG Full Form in Hardware

Integrated Graphics

Integrated Graphics is the graphic card of the computer which is attached to the motherboard in the CPU.

IG Full Form in Stock Exchange

Investment Grade

Investment Grade is a Rating of Fixed-Income Bonds, Bills and notes by credit rating agencies such as Standard & Poor’s (S&P), Fitch and Moody’s, indicating a low risk of default.

IG Full Form in Chemistry 

Ideal Gas 

An Ideal Gas is defined as a gas for which the number of molecules and the forces between molecules are so small that they have no effect on the behavior of the Gas.

Another IG Full Form in Chemistry

Inert Gas

Inert gasses are those gasses which generally do not participate in chemical reactions and are always available in free state. These include helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon and radon. Of these, radon is radioactive. All inert gasses are colorless, odorless and tasteless.

IG Full Form in Military and Defence

Imperial Guard

An Imperial Guard is a specialized group of soldiers (or members thereof) of an empire, usually directly attached to the emperor or empress.

IG Full Form in United States ArmyInspector General (Member of Office of the Inspector General, U.S. Department of Defense)
IG Full Form in Instagram / ChatI Guess
IG Full Form in ProductsInsulated Glass
IG Full Form in GeneralInformation Given
IG Full Form in Companies & CorporationsInternet Group

FAQ About IG Full Form

Q. What is the work of an IG Officer?

Ans: IG officer is a high rank post in Indian Police, so the responsibilities of an IG officer are also more. An IG officer commands the police to maintain law and order in his area and takes important decisions to maintain peace in the area.

Q. What is the power of An IG Officer in Indian Police?

Ans: Police and SP of 4 to 5 districts work under one IG officer. And an IG rank police officer has power equal to 4 to 5 SP.

Q. What is the Difference Between IG and DIG?

Ans: The rank of DIG in Indian Police is lower than an IG Officer.A DIG Officer assists an IG Officer in the supervision and control of his area police force. The DIG has to maintain efficiency and discipline in the police force within his area. And its result has to be reported to the IG officer.

Q. What is the difference between IG and DGP?

Ans : After promotion after the post of IGP, you get appointed to the post of Assistant Director General of Police (ADGP). After this promotion is given for the post of DGP. He is responsible for the law and order of the entire state.Below the DGP in the police department is the post of ADGP (Additional Director General of Police). And below ADGP is the post of IG Officer.

So friends, in this article we have to know what is the Full Form of IG (IG Full Form)? What is the Rank of IG in the Indian Police Department? And how can one become an IG Officer? Apart from this, in this article, we have also given some other Full Forms of the word IG according to different fields.

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