Unlocking Creativity : 70+ YouTube Video Ideas to Spark Your Channel’s Success in 2024

+ YouTube Video Ideas

70+ YouTube Video Ideas

If you want to become a YouTuber and start your own YouTube channel, you’ll surely have this question in your mind : What topic should I make videos on YouTube? Or which topic should a YouTube channel be created on that will help the channel grow? And thinking about all this, you’ll be very confused.

Often, new YouTubers choose the wrong topic when starting their YouTube channel, which prevents their channel from growing and earning. As a result, they have to shut down their YouTube channel.

But you don’t need to worry because in today’s article, we’ll tell you about more than 50 top YouTube topics that are recommended by YouTube itself, and you can earn millions by selecting any one topic and creating your own YouTube channel.

So let’s delve into detail to learn what topics to make videos on YouTube.

What Topic Should Anyone Make Videos on YouTube?

Friends, ‘What topic should I make videos on YouTube?’ is a common question. In simple language, you can make videos on any topic on YouTube as long as it doesn’t violate YouTube’s policies.

Before deciding on any topic, you should keep in mind that you can create a video on any topic on YouTube as long as you are interested in that subject, you have an interest. First, see where your knowledge lies, in which subject you can talk the most about, what you enjoy doing, and what you don’t get bored doing.

However, before deciding on any topic (Niche), you should have some information such as :

  • What topic are you interested in? In which topic are you the best?
  • What is currently trending the most on YouTube?
  • What could be new YouTube topics and how many people are likely to watch them?
  • What are the rules of YouTube regarding the YouTube Video Topic?

So these are the things that will help you decide before making a video on any topic, so let’s friends know about all of these in a little detail :

What topic are you interested in? In which topic are you the best?

follow your interest

To decide what topic to make videos on YouTube, you should first create videos on topics that interest you. First, you should see what topics you are interested in and which topics you are best at. You can work better on certain topics.

Because not everyone can work on every topic. For example, if you are interested in technology, you won’t be able to create quality videos on health topics even if you want to. Even if you want to, you will have to do a lot of research, and all this will seem very boring to you. So you won’t be able to make videos in this field for long. That’s why to decide what topic to make videos on YouTube, you should first look at your interest.

What is trending the most on YouTube right now?

create video on trending topic

To decide what topic to make videos on YouTube, you should also see what type of videos are trending the most on YouTube at the moment. For this, you can search for videos of your preferred topics on YouTube, and then you can see within that category which videos are getting the most views and what content is being provided in those videos.

You can create videos of the same type but with a unique twist. This way, these videos will match your interests and also be of the type that is currently highly favored on YouTube.

What could be new YouTube topics and how many people are watching them?

create video on new topic

When it comes to creating videos on new content topics on YouTube, there is no shortage of topics in this category either, because every day there is some new app or website, a new government scheme, changes in the rules of the Indian government, or new gadgets along with education – there are many topics that are completely new.

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You can select topics for making YouTube videos on those topics on which no video has been made before. These are the topics on which you don’t even have to do much research.

These are some video topics that viewers will also be interested in because today everyone wants to learn new things and know about them.

What are the rules about YouTube Videos Topics?

follow community guidelines

Before deciding what topic to make videos on YouTube, you should also look into the rules regarding YouTube video topics.

As for YouTube’s rules, you can make videos on any topic as long as you remember not to create adult videos, hacking videos, or videos that harm society.

For more information on its rules, you can read YouTube’s Community Guidelines extensively, where you will find detailed information on this topic.

So, in the article above, we have mentioned some factors by which you can decide what topic you should make videos on YouTube. Now, below in this article, we will tell you about the topics for creating your YouTube channel.

On which topic should you create a YouTube Channel?

Here, I am providing a list on which you can start a YouTube channel and make videos on these topics, which can lead to good earnings:

YouTube Trending Topics in India | Trending Topics for YouTube Videos

1. Comedy Videos

Funny video

Friends, as we mentioned earlier, entertainment videos are the most watched on YouTube. Because entertaining videos are liked by everyone, and when it comes to comedy videos, this topic is a trending one for YouTube. In this stressful life, people prefer watching comedy videos in their free time to relieve stress.

Short comedy videos on YouTube often go viral, which helps your channel grow quickly. If you have the ability to make people laugh, you can create your own comedy channel on YouTube.

2. Technology Channel

Tecnology Video

When it comes to earning money from YouTube, a technical channel is one of the most lucrative and best topics. In today’s world, we are entirely dependent on technology. Whenever a new gadget or product is launched in the market, people often search for it on YouTube to gather detailed information about it.

If you have an interest in technology, this topic could be suitable for you. You can review newly launched products in the market such as speakers, headphones, mobile phones, TVs, and more.

Furthermore, technology channels often receive high CPC (Cost Per Click) ads, which means you can earn good revenue even with fewer views.

3. Gaming Channel

Gameing Video

In today’s era, there is a lot of interest among young people in gaming. Consequently, gaming channels on YouTube have become quite popular in recent times. If you are also a game lover and have good knowledge of any game, creating a channel on gaming topics and making videos related to gaming can be very beneficial for you.

Because gaming channels usually grow very quickly, which will lead to a significant increase in subscribers on your YouTube channel.

There are many popular games available on which you can create videos, and one of them is PUBG, which you must be familiar with. Similarly, you can create videos on any game you are an expert in, providing information on how to achieve levels in that game and all related information in your videos, and you can also earn good revenue.

4. Prank Video

Pranks Video

You may be familiar with prank videos, but if not, let me tell you that they are a type of funny video where others are teased and troubled a little for fun, which is quite amusing and entertaining.

The trend of prank videos has been going on in YouTube for a long time. Whether it’s in the country or abroad, prank videos are highly popular. YouTubers working on this topic don’t worry about views and subscribers because prank videos become popular very quickly, leading to rapid growth of your channel, which benefits you.

5. Health & Fitness
Health & Fitness Video

In today’s fast-paced life, almost everyone faces some health-related issues at some point. Everyone worries about keeping their body healthy and free from illness. Therefore, a YouTube channel related to health and fitness can be a very good topic for you.

There are many health-related channels on YouTube with millions of subscribers. If you think you can provide people with good and accurate information about health and fitness, then this could be a good topic for your YouTube channel.

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6. Motivational Channel

Motivational Quotes & Shayari

These days, another excellent topic for achieving success on YouTube is a Motivational Channel. Motivational channels have been very successful on YouTube lately, and many people prefer watching them. If you believe that you have the talent to motivate people, you can start a motivational channel.

In your motivational channel, you can work on solving people’s small problems and providing them with suggestions. If people like your suggestions, gradually your YouTube channel will become popular, and you can become a successful motivational speaker.

7. Teaching Tutorial

Teaching Tutorial

The problem of unemployment is increasing in our country. If you are an educated person but struggling to find a job or facing difficulties in getting employed, this topic could be beneficial for you. You can create your own YouTube channel where you can make Teaching Tutorial Videos on the subject you are an expert in.

For instance, suppose you are an expert in Maths, you can provide all the information related to Maths in your videos. Similarly, you can share knowledge about other subjects such as Science, English, etc. For reference in this field, you can check out Khan Academy’s YouTube channel.

8. Cooking Tips

Cooking Tips

Who doesn’t love food? People enjoy eating delicious dishes immensely. Similarly, some people have a great passion for cooking as well. If you also enjoy cooking various delicious foods, you can start a cooking channel on YouTube.

This topic can be very beneficial, especially for girls. Nowadays, people who do not know how to cook search for their favorite recipes on YouTube and learn to make various delicious dishes with its help.

If you have a talent for cooking, you can share good recipes on YouTube. Cooking channels like these also grow quickly, increasing views and subscribers to your YouTube videos.

9. Travel Vlog

Travel Vlog

If you enjoy traveling and exploring new places, then this topic might be perfect for you. Traveling vlogs are extremely popular nowadays, and people love watching travel videos. You can share videos of the beauty and historic places of any country or city you visit.

With the help of your shared videos, many people who are unaware of these places or have never visited them plan to visit such places. You can earn good views from these types of videos, and along with traveling, you can also earn a good income through your YouTube channel.

10. Movie Review Videos

Movies Reviews

Usually, people prefer to know the review of any movie before watching it. This gives them an idea of whether the movie is good or not. Starting a YouTube channel with movie reviews is also a good topic. You can review movies and also provide other information about them, such as the movie’s budget, earnings, etc.

This way, you can provide people with concise information about the film. Movies have a huge craze in India, and people search for such videos to know the reviews of movies released, which will benefit your channel.

11. Love & Relationships

Love Relationship

This is a topic where you receive views and subscribers abundantly. In today’s generation, having a girlfriend or boyfriend has become common, and there are very few people who are single.

In such cases, those who are single search the internet for various tricks to impress a girl. There are many big channels on YouTube that create videos on this topic and also earn a good income. Similarly, Love & Relationships can also be a good topic.

12. Quotes & Shayari Videos

If you are a beginner, this topic could be a good option for you. If you provide your voice along with shayari in your videos, it will increase your views and subscribers. Videos with shayari are often used in platforms like WhatsApp Status, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, etc.

If you create videos related to shayari and quotes, your videos will soon appear on the first page of YouTube search results, which will help your channel grow faster.

So friends, in the above article, we have given you some ideas about which topic to start a YouTube channel on. Additionally, below in this article, we have provided you with a list of some more ideas. If you like any of these topics, you can create your channel on them and make videos on YouTube on that topic.

So friends, these are some topics on which you can start your new YouTube channel and create videos related to these topics. In addition to this, below in this article, we have provided you with a list of topics on which you can create videos according to your interest.

  1. Product Review (Create unboxing videos of any new product that has hit the market)
  2. Make Money (Provide tips for earning money)
  3. Affiliate Marketing (Provide all information related to affiliate marketing)
  4. How to (Provide information on tips & tricks)
  5. Editing (Provide information on audio, video, or photo editing)
  6. Hindi News channel (Create news videos in Hindi)
  7. Biography (Narrate the biography of various famous personalities)
  8. Men’s Fashion Tips (Provide information on new fashion trends for men)
  9. Women’s Fashion Tips (Provide information on new fashion trends for women)
  10. Kids Fashion Tips (Provide information on new fashion trends for kids)
  11. Hair Care Treatment Tutorial (Provide information on how to care for hair)
  12. Website Development Video (Teach how to make a website)
  13. Dance Tutorial (Create dance tutorial videos)
  14. Blogging Tutorial (Provide all information related to blogging)
  15. Science Fact Video (Create videos related to science facts)
  16. Painting Tutorial Tips (Teach how to paint)
  17. Lifestyle Video (Provide tips for living a good life)
  18. Govt. Scheme Information (Provide all information related to government schemes)
  19. Guitar Learning Tutorial (Teach how to play the guitar)
  20. Personality Development Tips (Provide information on developing one’s personality)
  21. Tech Comedy
  22. Art
  23. Vlog
  24. Fact Based Video
  25. Fitness/ Health Tips (But this will require expert knowledge)
  26. Informational Videos
  27. Tutorials
  28. Social Experiments
  29. Inspirational Quotes ( Motivational Quotes)
  30. Lifestyle Vlogging
  31. Music Videos
  32. Business Ideas (With Example)
  33. Dance Video
  34. Career Consultation
  35. Personality Development
  36. Study Materials
  37. Roast
  38. Latest Technology
  39. Android Apps Tutorial
  40. Website Development Tutorial
  41. Car Accessories Review
  42. Inspiring Interview
  43. Game review
  44. Money Saving , Tax Saving Tips
  45. Stock Market, Share Market
  46. Magic Tricks
  47. Photography Tips
  48. Video Making Tips
  49. Product Reviews, Unboxing
  50. Acting Tips
  51. Laptop Repairing
  52. Home Designing
  53. PC Building
  54. How to Anything
  55. Biography
  56. SmartPhone Hacks
  57. Love Tips
  58. Pets
  59. Gaming
  60. Clothing Collection
  61. Makeup Tutorial
  62. Hair Tutorial
  63. Interior Designing
  64. Cooking
  65. Shopping Tips
  66. Astrology
  67. Trends
  68. Business
  69. Screen-Cast
  70. App/Software Tricks
  71. Response Video on politics
  72. Cartoon Comedy Video
  73. Hand craft, Art
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FAQs About “What topic should I make videos on YouTube?”

Q. What topic should I make videos on YouTube?

Ans : The topic you choose should align with your interests, expertise, and audience preferences. Consider your passions, knowledge, and what type of content you enjoy creating. Research trending topics, assess market demand, and explore niches where you can provide unique value. Ultimately, select a topic that resonates with you and has the potential to engage and grow your audience.

Q. What Is The Trending Topic On Youtube?

Ans : Friends, whether it’s YouTube or any other social media platform, the trending topic keeps changing all the time, so you’ll have to search for it yourself according to the time. For this, you can use Google Trends and the Quora app.

Q. What is searched the most on YouTube?

Ans : The most searched keywords on YouTube include Song, Movie, Comedy Videos, Latest Current Affairs, Today News, etc. People primarily use YouTube for entertainment purposes.

Q. What types of YouTube videos are watched the most?

Ans : As mentioned earlier, the most searched keywords on YouTube include Song, Movie, Comedy Videos, Latest Current Affairs, Today News, etc. Therefore, videos related to these topics are watched the most on YouTube.

Q. What is the most popular content on YouTube?

Ans : Friends, the answer to this question would also be the same as mentioned above, that the topic most watched on YouTube is also the most popular one.

Q. What is the right time to upload videos on YouTube?

Ans : If you are a successful YouTuber, you can publish videos on your YouTube channel at any time. But if you are a new YouTuber, the time from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. might be beneficial for you. During this time, there is a slightly higher chance of views on your videos.

Q. How long does it take for a YouTube channel to grow?

Ans : Beginners may receive fewer views on YouTube initially. However, if you consistently work and upload 100 to 150 videos on your channel, YouTube starts sending impressions on your videos, which leads to the growth of your channel.

So friends, in the article above, we have provided you with detailed information on “What topic should I make videos on YouTube?” Additionally, we have also suggested some topic ideas on which you can create a YouTube channel and then make videos related to that topic on YouTube.

We hope you liked the information on “What topic should I make videos on YouTube?” which will help you choose better YouTube video topics, enabling you to become successful on YouTube in a shorter time.

Friends, how did you find this information? Do let us know in the comments, and make sure to share this post on your social media accounts such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms so that more people can benefit from reading this post.

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