How to increase 1000 subscribers on YouTube for free?


How to increase 1000 subscribers on YouTube for free?

Everyone knows that YouTube pays for making videos. People often start YouTube channels after watching others’ videos, but many times, despite putting in a lot of effort, subscribers don’t increase on your YouTube channel, or your videos don’t get enough views. At such times, you don’t understand where you are going wrong.

Friends, while you start a YouTube channel after watching others’ videos, you may not know how to create content, how to use hashtags, or when to upload videos so that your videos also get more views.

So, in today’s article, we are going to provide information on How to increase 1000 subscribers on YouTube for free?. This article is written for all those who are working on YouTube and their videos are not getting enough views.

“Friends, if your channel hasn’t been monetized yet, you’ll need to fulfill the requirements of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. Additionally, on YouTube, you earn very little if your videos don’t get many views. Therefore, it’s crucial to have more views on your videos because watch time increases only when views come in. If you want to increase subscribers on your YouTube channel, you can check out our article “How to Increase subscribers on your YouTube channel

And to increase views on your channel, carefully understand This article “16 Ways to Increase Youtube Views” and utilize the methods mentioned in it.

How to Increase Views on YouTube? Follow these 16 easy methods and see the magic!

16 Ways to Increase Youtube Views

  1. Focus on a Single Niche/Topic
  2. Create High-Quality Videos
  3. Understand and Utilize YouTube SEO
  4. Create Videos on Trending Topics
  5. Conduct Keyword Research
  6. Use Attractive Thumbnails
  7. Utilize Social Media
  8. Regularly Upload New Videos
  9. Make Videos Good and Unique
  10. Engage with Comments and Older Videos
  11. Understand Your Viewers Interests
  12. Collaborate with Other YouTubers
  13. Promote Videos with Google Ads
  14. Make Live Videos on YouTube
  15. Utilize I Button and End Screen in Videos
  16. Host Competitions or Giveaways

Let us now know about all these topics in detail.

1 . Focus on a Single Niche/Topic

Focus on a Single Niche or Topic Increase Youtube Views

The best and most effective way to increase views on YouTube is to consistently upload videos on a single niche or topic on your YouTube channel. This means that to grow your channel, you need to create and publish videos on one specific topic.

Many channels fail to grow and increase views because they upload videos on different topics on the same channel. This prevents their videos from going viral, and consequently, they struggle to gain more views on their YouTube channel.

Therefore, it’s essential to upload videos related to a single topic on your YouTube channel. For example, if you create comedy, entertainment, funny, or joke videos, then stick to that genre. Similarly, if your content revolves around editing, focus solely on editing-related videos. If you create content about love stories or heart-touching quests, keep your channel dedicated to such content.

By consistently uploading videos on a single topic, you’ll attract a specific audience interested in that niche. This will lead to more views and subscribers on your channel. Additionally, maintaining consistency in your content will make it easier to increase views on YouTube.

2. Create High-Quality Videos

Create High-Quality Videos Increase Youtube Views

If you want to increase views on your YouTube channel, the first and most crucial thing is to create your videos in good quality.

To produce high-quality videos, there are some essential elements you need to consider :

  • Camera Quality : You don’t necessarily need a DSLR or expensive camera. Nowadays, many mobile phones come with excellent cameras, so you can create high-quality videos using your smartphone.
  • Microphone Quality : Use a good quality microphone for voice recording to ensure clear audio in your videos.
  • Choose a Good Topic : Selecting a good topic and editing it well are also essential factors that can make your videos high quality.
  • Engagement and Graphics : Try to involve two or more people in your videos, encourage interactions, and incorporate graphics and animations to make your videos more engaging.
  • Editing : Pay attention to color grading while editing and use clear voice and good background music to enhance the viewing experience.
  • Upload with Attention to Detail : When uploading your video to YouTube, pay attention to details like resolution, bitrate, and audio quality to ensure the best possible viewing experience for your audience.

By focusing on these aspects and improving the quality of your videos, you can attract more viewers and ultimately increase views on your YouTube channel.

3. Understand and Utilize YouTube SEO

Understand and Utilize YouTube SEO Increase Youtube Views

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and on YouTube, it means highlighting your video’s topic in a way that it appears when users search for that topic on YouTube.

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In today’s world, after Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine globally. This means that most people search for information on any topic on YouTube itself.

Now, if you create a video on any topic on YouTube, how will YouTube’s system know which topic your video is about and which users should see it?

This is determined by SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In SEO, you need to include information about the topic of your video in the title and description of your video.

To optimize the SEO of your YouTube video, you need to use the words in the title that accurately express the topic and content of your video.

For attracting more views on YouTube videos, it is essential to write the title and description correctly. Write your keywords in the title, and never use an unnecessarily long title.

And make sure not to mislead people by writing the wrong title because if you do so, people will not watch your video entirely. Find related keywords and include them in the description as #Tags.

When uploading your video, you also have the option to add tags. It is essential to tag correctly. You should include 15 to 20 keywords related to your video’s topic as tags.

When someone searches for any of those keywords, your video will also appear in front of them.

Choose tags with high search volume to help viewers understand your video’s topic. Also, create a transcript for your video so that search engines can better understand and display your video when users search for that topic.

The most crucial thing to remember is to upload your videos according to when most of your viewers are online so that they can watch your video as soon as it’s uploaded. These steps can help you in SEO for your videos, resulting in more views on your YouTube channel.

4. Create Videos on Trending Topics

Create Videos on Trending Topics Increase Youtube Views

Friends, if you want to get good views on your YouTube videos, you should always make videos on trending topics.

“Why choose trending topics for YouTube videos?” Making content on trending topics proves to be very helpful in increasing views on videos. Creating content on a topic that is currently being discussed increases the chances of your video going viral by 90%.

Trending topics are those topics that many people are currently searching for on YouTube. So, making videos on such topics shows your video to more users. Many users are already searching for such topics on YouTube, and there is also a current interest in these topics, which increases the chances of clicks.

Moreover, since such topics are often new, there are fewer videos available on them on YouTube. You can discuss recent controversial issues. Making videos related to current events and incidents can attract the attention of viewers and you can create a connection with your audience by sharing accurate information quickly through your videos.

By choosing topics based on trending subjects, you can increase the chances of reaching more viewers with your videos.

5. Conduct Keyword Research

Conduct Keyword Research Increase Youtube Views

Conducting keyword research is crucial for creating successful YouTube videos. If you choose keywords that have high competition, your video may get lost among the many others already available on the platform. Instead, focusing on low competition keywords increases the chances of your video ranking higher in search results and getting more views.

By using tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, or TubeBuddy, you can identify relevant keywords with lower competition. Look for long-tail keywords or specific phrases that are related to your topic but may not have as much competition. This way, you can target a niche audience and increase the visibility of your videos.

Additionally, consider using keyword variations and synonyms in your video titles, descriptions, and tags to improve searchability. By strategically incorporating low competition keywords into your content, you can optimize your videos for better visibility and attract more viewers.

6. Use Attractive Thumbnails

Use Attractive Thumbnails Increase Youtube Views

To increase views on YouTube, it’s essential to pay attention to creating an attractive thumbnail for your videos. When you open YouTube, you’re presented with numerous videos, each accompanied by a thumbnail. It’s this thumbnail that often determines whether viewers will choose to watch the video or not. Therefore, a captivating thumbnail can attract more viewers, resulting in higher views for your channel.

There are several benefits to having a good thumbnail on YouTube. An attractive thumbnail grabs the attention of viewers and entices them to click on your video. A well-designed thumbnail clearly showcases the topic of your video and gives viewers a glimpse of what to expect before they even watch it.

Having a good thumbnail can help drive more clicks and views to your video, ultimately boosting the visibility and popularity of your channel. It’s worth noting that the YouTube algorithm considers thumbnails when measuring a video’s popularity, so having a compelling thumbnail can increase the likelihood of your video being suggested to viewers, leading to more views.

7. Utilize Social Media

Utilize Social Media Increase Youtube Views

To increase views on YouTube videos, there are several effective ways to use social media platforms. One way is to share your YouTube videos on your social media accounts with well-crafted captions containing the video link, encouraging people to click on your video.

You can also share your videos in groups on social media where members are interested in the video’s topic. Additionally, sharing your videos on your own blog or website can boost traffic to your site and increase views on your video.

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When creating your YouTube channel, it’s advisable to create social media accounts with the same name to maintain consistency and make it easier for your audience to find you across platforms. If your video goes viral on other social media platforms, it can significantly accelerate the growth of your YouTube channel.

You can also run ad campaigns on social media platforms to increase views on your videos, especially when you start earning money from YouTube. This can help you reach a wider audience and attract more users to your videos.

However, it’s essential to avoid sharing your videos solely with friends and family members to boost views. This is because if they click on your video but do not watch it entirely, it negatively impacts your watch time. YouTube interprets this as low viewer interest in your video, which can adversely affect your channel’s reputation.

8. Regularly Upload New Videos

Regularly Upload New Videos Increase Youtube Views

Consistency is key to success in any endeavor. However, regularly creating videos doesn’t necessarily mean you have to produce content every single day.

Even if you upload just one video per week, make sure you stick to this schedule consistently. If you miss a day or two of video creation, continue following this rule.

When you upload new videos on YouTube, your subscribers and other viewers receive notifications about the new content on your channel. This not only brings views to your new videos but also directs traffic to your channel and your older videos, potentially increasing your overall views.

Moreover, receiving likes and comments on your new videos helps you understand your audience’s feedback, which can be valuable for improving your content.

For all these reasons, uploading new videos on YouTube regularly doesn’t take much time and can significantly contribute to the growth of your channel, increasing both your subscriber count and views.

9. Make Videos Good and Unique

Make Videos Good and Unique Increase Youtube Views

In today’s time, there are not just one or two creators on YouTube, but the number has increased to millions. With the influx of numerous creators on YouTube, competition has intensified significantly. Therefore, you need to put in more effort to reach as many people as possible with your channel and offer something different and engaging from others.

You have to create your videos in such a way that users prefer watching your content over other creators’. Only then can you expect to get more views on your videos.

10 . Engage with Comments and Older Videos

Engage with Comments and Older Videos Increase Views

To increase views on your YouTube channel, you need to pay attention to your older videos as well. When a video appears in search results, it attracts views. If any of your older videos are not showing up in search results, try changing their titles and tags. Often, this simple adjustment can lead to increased views on the video.

Additionally, make an effort to reply to comments on your videos. This not only helps you understand your viewers’ suggestions and issues but also provides you with ideas for new video topics. Engaging with comments also helps build a connection with users whose problems you’ve addressed, thereby increasing views on your YouTube channel.

11. Understand Your Viewers’ Interests

Understand Your Viewers Interests Increase Views on YouTube

When creating videos for your YouTube channel, understand your viewers’ interests. Make videos that align with the type of content your viewers prefer watching. This increases the chances of your videos going viral.

Therefore, try to upload videos on topics that are currently trending and growing rapidly, meaning topics that are receiving increasing views and showing viewer interest. This significantly increases the chance of growing views on your YouTube channel.

Furthermore, to understand your viewers’ interests, you can review the records of your older videos. Identify the type of videos that have received the most views among your previously uploaded videos, and consider creating similar content to cater to your audience’s preferences.

12. Collaborate with Other YouTubers

Collaborate with Other YouTubers Increase Views on YouTube

Collaborating with other YouTubers on your channel by uploading podcasts aligns well with the current trend and significantly increases the chances of growing views on your videos. Collaboration with other YouTubers helps in leveraging both audiences and contributes to boosting the video’s visibility.

Therefore, by collaborating with other YouTubers in your niche, you can increase views not only on your own channel but also on their channels, thereby mutually benefiting each other.

13. Promote Videos with Google Ads

Promote Videos with Google Ads Increase Views on YouTube

If you have some budget to invest in growing your channel, you can promote your videos using Google Ads. Although it requires spending some money, it can help your channel reach more people right from the start. This way, you’ll quickly learn whether your videos are resonating with the audience or not.

Additionally, you can collaborate with other YouTubers to promote your videos. If you prefer not to use Google Ads, you can approach YouTubers who have already grown their channels in your category and ask them to promote your channel. While they may charge you for this service, it significantly increases the chances of your channel growing. Therefore, it’s worth seeking out such YouTube channels and contacting them for collaboration.

14. Make Live Videos on YouTube

Make Live Videos on YouTube Increase Views on YouTube

Creating live videos on your YouTube channel is another essential factor for increasing views. Live videos enhance your channel and brand value by allowing you to interact with your audience in real-time. You can gather data and feedback from your viewers, understand their preferences, and take steps to improve your channel.

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Engaging in live sessions whenever possible helps you understand and address your viewers’ concerns, thereby increasing traffic to your channel and fostering user engagement. It’s an effective way to connect with your audience and boost views on your videos.

15. Utilize “I” Button and End Screen in Videos

Utilize I Button and End Screen in Videos Increase Views

Friends, if you want to grow your YouTube channel, make sure to use the “i” button and end screens in your YouTube videos.

In the “i” button, add another video from your own channel to encourage viewers to watch more of your content. Similarly, in the end screen, you can add related videos from your channel using the “i” button feature. This way, you can drive views to your other videos as well.

This approach ensures that if one of your videos goes viral, the videos linked in the “i” button and end screen of that video also receive a significant boost in views.

16. Host Competitions or Giveaways

Host Competitions or Giveaways Increase Views on YouTube

Competition or hosting giveaways directly translates to attracting new people to your channel and increasing engagement.

You may have noticed that many people host giveaways when they achieve different milestones, offering a free gift to one lucky subscriber. It’s not necessary to wait for a major milestone to host a giveaway; you can do it at the beginning of your channel’s growth journey as well.

This keeps your audience excited and engaged, driving views to your channel.

In addition to following all these tips, you should also pay attention to some other things. Such as customizing your channel properly. For this, you just need to do a few things:

  • Create a banner for your channel.
  • Write about your channel in the description.
  •  Once you reach 100 subscribers, be sure to create a custom URL for your YouTube channel.
  •  Go to the channel settings and make sure to include keywords related to your niche.

These additional steps will help promote and grow your YouTube channel effectively.


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about How to increase 1000 subscribers on YouTube for free? :

Q. How can I increase views on my YouTube videos?

Ans : You can increase views on your YouTube videos by optimizing your video titles, descriptions, and tags with relevant keywords, promoting your videos on social media platforms, collaborating with other YouTubers, engaging with your audience through comments and replies, and regularly uploading high-quality content.

Q. Is it important to optimize video titles, descriptions, and tags?

Ans : Yes, optimizing your video titles, descriptions, and tags with relevant keywords is crucial for improving visibility and searchability on YouTube. This helps your videos rank higher in search results and attract more views from potential viewers.

Q. How can collaborations with other YouTubers help increase views?

Ans : Collaborating with other YouTubers can help increase views by exposing your content to a wider audience. When you collaborate with popular or influential YouTubers in your niche, their subscribers may discover your channel and watch your videos, leading to increased views and engagement.

Q. What role does audience engagement play in increasing views?

Ans : Audience engagement, such as likes, comments, and shares, is important for increasing views on YouTube. When viewers engage with your videos, it signals to YouTube that your content is valuable and encourages the platform to recommend your videos to more users, resulting in higher views..

Q. Should I promote my videos on social media platforms?

Ans : Yes, promoting your videos on social media platforms can help increase views by reaching a broader audience outside of YouTube. Share your videos on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to attract viewers who may not be active on YouTube but are interested in your content.

Q. How can I encourage viewers to watch more of my videos?

Ans : You can encourage viewers to watch more of your videos by using end screens, cards, and playlists to promote related or recommended content. Additionally, creating compelling thumbnails and video titles can entice viewers to click on your videos and explore more of your channel.

Q. Should I host giveaways or contests to increase views?

Ans : Hosting giveaways or contests can be an effective way to increase views and engagement on your channel. By offering prizes or incentives to viewers who watch, like, comment, or share your videos, you can attract more attention to your content and encourage participation from your audience.

In conclusion, increasing views on YouTube requires a multifaceted approach that encompasses various strategies and tactics. Optimizing video titles, descriptions, and tags, collaborating with other YouTubers, promoting videos on social media platforms, engaging with the audience, and hosting giveaways are just a few examples of effective techniques.

By employing these methods and consistently delivering high-quality content, creators can enhance their visibility, attract more viewers, and ultimately grow their YouTube channels. It’s essential to understand the importance of audience engagement, the value of strategic collaborations, and the impact of promotion across different platforms.

By staying proactive and innovative, creators can navigate the competitive landscape of YouTube and achieve their goals of increasing views and building a thriving channel.

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