Decoding the Viral Formula : Strategies for Making Your YouTube Video Go Viral

How To Go Viral On Youtube? How Do You Make A Viral Video

How to make a YouTube video go viral?

Many YouTubers put in a considerable amount of effort on their YouTube channels but fail to see significant growth despite their hard work. In such situations, a new YouTuber often wonders what they can do to make their YouTube video go viral.

You must have also seen many videos on YouTube where it’s claimed that if you follow their suggested methods, your video will surely go viral.

However, we will share some methods with you that go beyond those commonly suggested. These methods may not bring you immediate success in the beginning, but as you continue working on them, your YouTube video will gradually start going viral.

So, if you genuinely aspire to become a successful YouTuber, make sure to read this article to the end. Because the methods mentioned in this article are the ones I have personally used on my YouTube channel, which now has over 700,000 subscribers.

Besides, my videos often go viral. Therefore, if you read all the methods mentioned in this article carefully and apply them to your YouTube channel, you too can achieve success on your YouTube channel. So let’s understand these methods well.

  1. Find a Good Topic according to your interest and user demand
  2. Create Videos On Trending Topics
  3. Create High-Quality Videos
  4. Understand the Viewer’s Problem
  5. Shoot, Edit, and Voice Over the Video Well
  6. Create An Attractive Thumbnail
  7. Create Engaging Content
  8. Make Videos For Youtube Shorts
  9. Pay Attention to Audience Retention
  10. Make the Title Unique
  11. Use An Attractive Hook
  12. Fulfill the Promise of the Hook
  13. Use TubeBuddy App
  14. Use Relevant Hashtags In Video
  15. Edit Video Professionally
  16. Use Examples To Explain
  17. Encourage Viewers to Like, Comment, Share, and Subscribe
  18. Share On Social Media
  19. Use I Button and End Screen in Video
  20. Maintain Consistency
  21. Collaborate With Other YouTubers & Celebrities
  22. Keep Patience

So let’s now delve into detail about all these methods.

1. Find a good topic according to your interest and user demand

Find a Good Topic according to your interest and user demand_

Friends, whenever we think about creating a YouTube channel, the first thing we need to consider is which topic to make videos on that will get us more views and make our videos go viral.

In addition, you also need to consider how interested you are in that topic. This is because when you make videos on a topic you are interested in, you never get bored of creating them, and you can work on that topic effectively for a long time.

Therefore, to create a good video that can easily go viral, you need to find a good topic on which you can create a viral video.

2. Create videos on trending topics

Create Videos On Trending Topics

One absolutely crucial step in making a video go viral on any social media platform is to create videos on trending topics. Nowadays, almost all popular YouTubers mostly create videos on trending topics.

So, personally, I would advise all small and big YouTubers to always create videos on some trending topic whenever they make a video.

Now you might be wondering, what’s the benefit of making videos on trending topics? Well, let me tell you that when a keyword trends, many people are already prepared to know about it.

However, because trending topics are new, there are usually fewer videos about them on YouTube. So, if you quickly create a video on a trending topic, YouTube itself pushes your video to those people.

Understand the power of creating videos on trending topics

You know, some time ago, Animal movies were trending in our country, and everyone was talking about them. Taking advantage of this topic, many YouTubers uploaded videos on their YouTube channels about “The Animal Movie”.

Let me tell you that due to the trending topic, many YouTubers’ videos went viral. There are many YouTubers who have earned millions of views by making videos on this Animal Movie topic.

So, if you also want to make your video go viral, then always create videos on trending topics.

3. Create high-quality videos

Create High-Quality Videos

To make your YouTube video go viral, it is essential to create it in high quality. Now, high quality doesn’t just mean that your video should be in HD. It also means that you should thoroughly research the topic before creating the video.

We understand that many of you may not know what exactly high-quality content means and how to create quality videos.

So, let us now explain to you in some steps how you can create high-quality content for your YouTube channel.

Researching is crucial

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The first step in creating quality content for YouTube is to thoroughly research the topic you plan to cover. During your research, search for your topic on YouTube and watch other people’s videos.

After that, try to make your research better than theirs. If they missed any points in their videos, cover those points in yours.

How to Write a Good Script?

When you speak in your video, those words are your script. Nowadays, creating high-quality content for YouTube and making your videos go viral requires you to script your videos well.

When writing your script, use words that people can easily understand. Additionally, if you write your script in a humorous style, it can improve your audience retention. This means people will watch your video for a longer time, which helps YouTube promote your videos more.

Here, we want to tell you one more thing: Nowadays, many people suggest using AI tools like ChatGPT to write YouTube video scripts. But believe me, when you use an AI tool to write a script, it chooses words that are rarely used in real life.

For example, when I asked ChatGPT how to earn money from a mobile phone, it replied:

” You can create videos on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, and if those videos go viral, you can earn money. To do this, you need to try to make your videos interesting and appealing so that more people watch them.”

Now, if a human were to write this paragraph, it would be something like this:

“If you want to earn money from your mobile phone, you can start creating your own videos on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. To make videos on social media, the first thing you need to do is to see what you’re interested in.”

Here, you can clearly see the difference between the content written by ChatGPT and a person. You can see that AI uses words that are rarely used in real life.

Note – If you want to make your YouTube videos go viral, don’t use AI to write your script from today.

4. Understand the Viewer’s Problem

Understand Viewer's Problem

Understanding the viewer’s problem is crucial. If you are addressing a viewer’s problem in your video, it’s essential to fully understand that problem. Because unless you understand the problem well, you won’t be able to provide a good solution to it.

If you create a video after understanding the problem well, it will benefit you a lot. When you present the solution to the user’s problem, the user becomes eager to watch your video. And when their problem is solved effectively, they share your video with others. Sharing the video is crucial for making it go viral.

5. Shoot, edit, and voice over the video well

Shoot, Edit, and Voice Over the Video Well

Once you’ve written a good script for your videos, you need to shoot them well. If you have more than one camera, you can shoot your videos from different angles.

As seen in Josh Talk’s videos, shooting your video well is essential. After shooting your video properly, you need to edit it well.

In addition to editing the video, you also need to pay special attention to the sound quality of your video. So, by following all these steps, you can create high-quality content for YouTube.

6. Create an attractive thumbnail

Create An Attractive Thumbnail

To create an appealing thumbnail for your YouTube video, it’s essential to design it in a way that entices users to click on your video.

If you’re unfamiliar with applications for making YouTube thumbnails, you can use Polish – Photo Editor Pro, which we personally use and find effective.

Polish – Photo Editor Pro is a great graphic designing platform where you can easily create thumbnails for your YouTube videos.

Polish - Photo Editor Pro

It provides you with pre-existing templates that allow you to create a good thumbnail without much effort. Additionally, you can also use Picsart to create thumbnails.

Both Polish – Photo Editor Pro and Picsart are quite popular tools for creating thumbnails for YouTube videos. Now let’s understand how you should create your YouTube thumbnail. Let’s explain with an example.


Let’s say you create vlog videos. In your YouTube thumbnail, you can add some shocking elements, such as:

“What happened to me?”

“Oh no, I shouldn’t have done this. I messed up.”

If you use such elements in your YouTube thumbnail, there is a higher chance that users will click on your video to watch it.

Similarly, no matter which category of video you are creating, it’s essential to observe the thumbnails of other prominent YouTubers in that category. This will help you understand how clickable thumbnails are made.

Therefore, after creating your YouTube video, you should create a good and clean thumbnail that encourages people to click and watch your video.

7. Create engaging content

Create Engaging Content

Absolutely! Creating engaging content is crucial for a video to go viral. Viewers need to be captivated and compelled to watch the video till the end. Engaging content not only retains the audience’s attention but also encourages them to share it with others. So, whenever you create a video, focus on making it engaging to ensure that viewers watch it till the end and share it with others.

8. Make videos for YouTube Shorts

Make Videos For Youtube Shorts

Creating YouTube short videos is indeed a great way to make your content go viral. YouTube shorts are easily consumable and highly shareable, making them popular among users. So, if you want to make your YouTube video go viral, creating short videos on YouTube is definitely a strategy worth considering.

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9. Pay attention to audience retention

Pay Attention to Audience Retention

Audience retention is indeed a crucial aspect of a YouTube video’s success. It refers to the average duration of time viewers spend watching your video. For example, if your video is 2 minutes long and most viewers watch it for 1 minute, your audience retention would be 50%.

Focusing on audience retention is essential because it’s one of the best indicators of a video’s virality. While many creators pay attention to elements like titles and tags, giving due consideration to audience retention is equally important.

It’s a measure of how engaging and compelling your content is, and high audience retention can significantly increase the chances of your video going viral.

10. Make the title unique

Make the Title Unique

Creating a clear, concise, and unique title is crucial for attracting viewers to your YouTube video. It doesn’t necessarily mean making your title long. Instead, it’s about crafting a short and impactful title that prompts users to click on your video.

For example, consider the following titles:

– “What happened with me!”

“Oh no, what did I do?!”

– “I shouldn’t have done this!”

Now, imagine a video with the thumbnail and title saying, “Manoj’s Popat Mishap.” People who know Manoj Ji might wonder what kind of mishap occurred with him. This increases the likelihood of them clicking on the video. More clicks signal to YouTube that the video is engaging, leading to faster virility.

Using such thumbnails and titles can attract more clicks, enhancing the chances of your video going viral. Therefore, utilizing titles and thumbnails in this manner can be beneficial for your YouTube channel.

11. Use an attractive hook

Use An Attractive Hook

You should understand well that today’s era is driven by technology and is very fast-paced. Therefore, if something attractive is not found within the first 20 to 30 seconds of a video, users tend to move on to other videos. So, whenever you create your video, make sure to use an attractive hook within the first 20 to 30 seconds. This will entice users to watch your video till the end.

The hook refers to the initial 30 seconds of any YouTube video. When a user starts watching a video, you need to capture their attention within the first 20 to 30 seconds so that they watch your video in its entirety. For this, within the first 20 to 30 seconds of the video, you need to say something that compels the user to stay engaged with your video till the end by providing a glimpse of what information they will get from the video.

Most content creators overlook this aspect, which is why their videos fail to go viral. But starting today, do not make such a mistake. Make your video attractive right from the beginning.

12. Fulfill the promise of the hook

Fulfill the Promise of the Hook

In the opening hook, fulfill the promise you make to users, because that’s what they stop to watch the video for, and when you deliver on your promise in the video, it increases users’ trust in you. Create the video’s thumbnail according to the hook. You can spend more time on the video’s thumbnail because it makes the video attractive.

13. Use the TubeBuddy app

Use TubeBuddy App

Tube Buddy is a fantastic app that every YouTuber should definitely use. Tube Buddy is a great tool that provides advice on various aspects besides thumbnails, titles, and tags, and if you implement it, your video can easily go viral.


This Tube Buddy tool is available both as an app and as a website, so if you use a laptop or computer, you can use the website tool, making it a very good app, and we ourselves use this app.

Additionally, this app offers both Free and Paid Plans. If you have money, you can use their Paid Version, but if you don’t have money, you can still use their free tools because even in the free version, your work will be done quite well.

14. Use relevant hashtags in the video

Use Relevant Hashtags In Video

Hashtags play a crucial role in increasing the reach of a video. Using hashtags is a great way to reach a large audience with your video. Therefore, whenever you upload a video to your YouTube channel, make sure to include relevant hashtags. This will ensure that when someone searches for a topic on YouTube, your video will also appear in the search results related to the hashtag.

15. Edit the video professionally

Edit Video Professionally_

If you want to make your video go viral and get more views, then you definitely need to edit your video in a professional manner. Because this makes watching the video enjoyable for people, and it ensures that users watch our video until the end.

And we all know that when users watch our video until the end, YouTube assumes that this video is very helpful for people, which is why users are watching it until the end.

Now, friends, YouTubers who have a laptop or computer can easily edit their YouTube videos in a professional manner using computer software.

But for YouTubers who only have a mobile phone, there are also many video editing apps available on the internet. However, only a few of these apps are good, on which you can edit the video in a professional manner.

16. Use examples to explain

Use Examples To Explain

In your videos, use examples to explain the solution to any problem you’re addressing in a better way. However, most YouTubers don’t do this. They only talk about facts and explain things theoretically.

I believe that when you explain things practically to people, they will understand them better. This will benefit you because users will watch your videos repeatedly and share them with more people.

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17. Encourage viewers to like, comment, share, and subscribe

Encourage Viewers to Like, Comment, Share, and Subscribe

At the end of the video, you should tell viewers to like, comment, and share the video, and to subscribe to our YouTube channel for receiving such important information regularly. Though it may seem common, it yields excellent results.

To encourage viewers to do so, you must provide a complete solution to their problem in the video. When your video provides a solution to their problem, they will definitely like, comment, and share it, and will also subscribe to your YouTube channel for receiving more such videos regularly.

18. Share on social media

Share On Social Media

Whenever you upload a video to your YouTube channel, be sure to share it on your social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

19. Use I button and end screen in the video

Use I Button and End Screen in Video

Friends, if you want to make your YouTube video go viral, then be sure to use the I Button and End Screen in your YouTube video.

In the I Button, make sure to add another video from your own channel, so that views also come to your other videos. Similarly, in the End Screen, you can add another related video from your channel, just like in the I Button. This will bring views to your other videos as well.

This will increase the chances of your other videos going viral if one of your videos goes viral, as the viral video’s I Button and End Screen will feature another viral video, increasing its chances of going viral too.

20. Maintain Consistency

Maintain Consistency

To achieve success in any endeavor, consistency is crucial, and for achieving success in online work, consistency becomes even more important.

This is because when you regularly upload videos on YouTube, over time you build an audience. They eagerly await your next video. However, when you are inconsistent, this audience unsubscribes and doesn’t give much importance to your videos. As a result, your video never goes viral. If you want your video to go viral, you must work consistently.

21. Collaborate with other YouTubers and celebrities

Collaborate With Other YouTubers & Celebrities_

To make your videos go viral and achieve success on YouTube, it’s very important to collaborate with other creators in your niche. This helps you reach a new audience, increasing the reach of your videos. As a result, your videos receive more views and shares, and both of these are crucial for making a video go viral.

22. Keep patience

Keep Patience

Even after following all the steps mentioned in the article to make your YouTube video go viral, it’s important to maintain patience. If you diligently work through all the steps mentioned above, there will come a time when all your videos start going viral. However, this will take time, so it’s crucial to maintain patience and consistently work towards your goals.

So friends, in this article, we have discussed 22 tips on How to make your YouTube video go viral. By using these tips, you can easily make your YouTube video viral. Now let’s gather some information about some FAQs related to this topic.

FAQs About How to make your YouTube video go viral

Q. What defines a viral video on YouTube?

Ans : A viral video on YouTube is typically one that experiences a sudden and significant surge in views, often spreading rapidly across various social media platforms. It captures widespread attention and engagement within a short period.

Q. How important are titles and thumbnails in making a video go viral?

Ans : Titles and thumbnails are crucial for attracting viewers’ attention and encouraging clicks. A catchy title and visually appealing thumbnail can significantly increase the likelihood of your video being clicked on and shared.

Q. What role does content quality play in viral video success?

Ans : High-quality content that is engaging, entertaining, informative, or emotionally resonant has a better chance of going viral. Compelling content is more likely to be shared by viewers, leading to increased visibility and reach.

Q. How can I effectively promote my video on social media platforms?

Ans : Utilize various social media platforms to share your video with relevant communities and audiences. Engage with users, join relevant groups, and leverage hashtags to maximize visibility and encourage sharing.

Q. Is it beneficial to collaborate with other YouTubers to increase visibility?

Ans : Yes, collaborating with other YouTubers can expose your content to their audience and vice versa, leading to increased visibility and potential for virality.

Q. What are some strategies for engaging with viewers and encouraging sharing?

Ans : Encourage viewers to like, comment, and share your video. Respond to comments, ask questions,and create interactive elements within your video to foster engagement and promote sharing.

Q. How do YouTube algorithms impact video virality, and how can I optimize for them?

Ans : YouTube algorithms prioritize videos with high watch time, engagement, and relevance. To optimize for them, focus on creating engaging content, optimizing metadata (titles, descriptions, tags), and maintaining a consistent upload schedule.

Q. What are some common mistakes to avoid when trying to make a video go viral?

Ans : Avoid clickbait tactics, misleading titles/thumbnails, poor content quality, neglecting audience engagement, and violating YouTube’s community guidelines or copyright policies.

So friends, this was the information on how to make a YouTube video go viral. If you use the tips mentioned above, your YouTube video will definitely go viral.

 We hope you have found all the information related to how to make a YouTube video go viral. However, if you have any questions other than this, please do let us know in the comments.

Furthermore, if your friend is working on YouTube, be sure to share this article with them so that your friend can also be successful on YouTube.

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