YouTube is Not Working 10 Easy Ways to Fix this Problem

YouTube Not Working 10 easy ways to fix this problem

Why YouTube is not Working? 

Friends, YouTube a very famous online video platform, where more than 500 videos are shared per minute. On YouTube, you can watch videos as per your wish, get knowledge for free, and watch entertainment related content in your free time.

It has more than 2.3 billion active users. Many people use YouTube to watch videos online. This is a service of Google itself.

Sometimes it happens that the YouTube App does not work properly on your device, that is, videos are not able to play on YouTube on your mobile.

If YouTube is not working on your mobile, then this problem can spoil the fun of watching online videos. Sometimes this problem may be due to some minor problems with your device, internet connection, or YouTube Application.

Friends, if you are also facing such problem i.e. YouTube not working in your mobile or computer, then in this article, we will tell you 10 easy ways to fix this problem (i.e. YouTube not working error) by which you can solve your problem.

  1. Close and Restart the YouTube App
  2. Check your Internet connection
  3. Restart your device
  4. Update YouTube App
  5. Clear Cache and Data of YouTube App
  6. Sync your Device’s Date & Time
  7. Check if YouTube is down from the server side?
  8. Check if YouTube is restricted on the network on which you are using YouTube?
  9. Lower the Video Quality
  10. Update your GPU drivers

1. Close and Restart YouTube App

Close and Restart the YouTube App

Often the problem is solved by simply closing and reopening an Application.

If YouTube not working on your device or you are facing any other problem, then just close the YouTube App and open it again. By doing this, the problem gets solved in most of the situations. And the App starts working properly again. YouTube is not working

If you are using a computer, and you are facing such a problem in your computer (YouTube not working) then you can close either the tab or the browser and if you are using YouTube App in mobile and your mobile If you are facing any such problem in the App (YouTube not working), then you can close the App and open it again and access YouTube again.

2 . Check your Internet Connection

Check your Internet connection

Another problem can also arise due to internet connection. If YouTube video is not playing on your device (YouTube not working) then there may be a problem in your internet connection.

To check the problem of your internet connection, use any other Application which requires internet connection to run like browser or Google etc., if they are not working properly then it means there is something wrong with your internet connection. There is a problem i.e. either your internet is running slow or the internet is closed.

For this, if you are using WiFi, then check whether your Wi-Fi is on, or if you are using mobile data, see whether you have accidentally turned on Airplane Mode. YouTube  not working

Those using Wi-Fi or LAN should take a look at their router and see if it is connected. And is the device connected to WIFI and working properly? if not! So restart the router.

Usually, there is a button on your router to turn it off and on, you can use it or you can restart the router by unplugging it from the main light connection and plugging it again.

If you are using mobile data, it is possible that your data connection is turned off. Check it and turn it on if it is turned off.

  • For this, first of all open the Settings App on your mobile.
  • Go to the Network and Internet option.
  • Select the mobile network option there.
  • Turn on mobile data.
  • If you’re outside your country or network coverage, also turn on roaming (additional charges may Apply).

After doing the above settings, if YouTube videos are not playing on your mobile due to internet connection (YouTube not working), then the problem will be solved and YouTube videos will start playing again.

3 . Restart your device

Restart your device

Even after trying both the methods given above, if YouTube not working on your device, then restart your device. This is also a solution by which you can solve most of the problems in your device. Although this may seem like a silly method to you, trust me it often works.

4. Update YouTube App

Update YouTube App

Generally, if you are using a slightly older version of an Application, then there is no problem in it, but sometimes when the Application becomes very old, it may face some problems, especially after the release of a major update or upgrade. There may have been some change from the server-side. That is why if you are facing any problem in playing YouTube videos on your device, YouTube not working, then you should check that the updated version of YouTube App is installed on your device. YouTube not working

If you are using YouTube on your computer or laptop and there is a problem like YouTube Video Nahi Chal Raha Hai, then also check whether everything else is updated or not. Check if there are any updates for your browser (if you’re using one), or operating system.

5 . Clear Cache and Data of YouTube App

Clear Cache and Data of YouTube App

The next thing you can do if YouTube videos are not playing on your device is to clear the cache and data of the YouTube App. Clearing the cache removes your App’s temporary data, while clearing the App’s data clears all the App’s data including its settings. YouTube  not working

By doing this, your YouTube starts working properly again because sometimes there is a mistake in the App data and settings or some bug messes up, in such a situation, clearing the App Data and Cache resets the App or browser. And then the problem gets corrected on its own.

How to Clear Cache in Android Mobile

  • Open your mobile’s Settings App.
  • Go to the Application option from the options given in Settings.
  • Find YouTube App there under See All Apps section.
  • Tap on the Storage and Cache option in the YouTube App option.
  • Here select the option of Clear Cache.
  • Or you can also select the Clear Storage option to clear the Application data.

How to Clear Cache Files on Chrome for Your Computer or Laptop

  • Open the Chrome browser on your Windows computer.
  • Here there will be 3 dots on the top right hand corner, click on it and go to Settings.
  • Here, select the Privacy and Security option in the left-hand column.
  • Here select the option of Clear Browsing Data.
  • After this, check the box to select whatever data you want to delete from the options given below. If you want, you can also choose the option of Clear All.
  • Select All Time option in Time Range.
  • After this click on the option of Clear Data.

6 . Sync your device’s date and time

Sync your Devices Date Time

Although you may find this method a bit strange, one of the reasons why YouTube videos are not playing on your device can also be the incorrect date and time settings of the device. If you don’t set them up properly, Google’s servers may have trouble synchronizing with them. To solve this problem, you will have to synchronize the date and time of your device. YouTube  not working

How to sync date and time on android device

  • Open Settings option in your mobile.
  • Tap on the System option from the options given inside Settings.
  • Go to the Date and Time section in it.
  • Select the Use Network Provide Time option.
  • After this also select Set Time Zone Automatically option.

How to sync date and time on your computer or laptop

  • Open your device’s Settings App.
  • Go to the Time & Language section.
  • Select the Date & Time option in the left side column.
  • Toggle on “Set Time Automatically”.
  • After this toggle on “Set Time Zone Automatically” option.

7 . Check if YouTube is down from the server side?

Check if YouTube is down from the server side

Although this does not usually hAppen, YouTube can sometimes get shut down by the server itself. If even after trying all the methods given above, the video is not playing on YouTube on your device, then you should check whether YouTube is closed or not.

There is no direct way to check that YouTube’s servers are not working, but here we are telling you such methods through which you can find out. YouTube  not working

You can get information directly by visiting the official Twitter account of YouTube. Because if any such problem occurs, there is a possibility that information about it will be given on the official Twitter account of YouTube.

If any problem is coming from the server side of YouTube, then you cannot do anything except waiting till the problem is resolved.

8. Check if YouTube is restricted on the network on which you are using YouTube?

Check if YouTube is restricted on the network

Sometimes YouTube and other Internet services are restricted by the network itself. This is a common practice when using the Internet via WiFi in schools, libraries, or other places where administrators do not want to distract you. Or sometimes parents also restrict YouTube or other Apps from the network side to limit the use of YouTube by their children. Even in such a situation, there is a problem of YouTube not working on your device. YouTube  not working

For its solution, talk to the network administrator and ask if YouTube is banned here. The only solution to this problem would be to ask the administrator to allow YouTube access. Or you can also switch to your mobile data or use another available network.

9 . Lower the video quality

Lower the Video Quality

Many times it hAppens that your internet speed becomes slow, such as due to lack of network coverage or due to your data limit being exhausted, if YouTube not running on your device, then for this you can recharge with additional data pack. YouTube not working

And if YouTube not working due to lack of network coverage, then reduce the quality of the YouTube video playing on your device. For this, select the Video Quality on Auto or Low option in the YouTube App.

10 . Update your GPU drivers

Update your GPU Drivers

If you are running YouTube on a computer and have the problem that YouTube not working, there may be compatibility issues with your computer’s GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). To resolve this, update your PC’s drivers. Keep in mind that this method only works for computer users. If you are not using a computer then skip this method.

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How to update GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) on your computer:

  • On the Windows search bar, search for Device Manager and open Device Manager.
  • Click on the Display Adapters label.
  • After this, right-click on the GPU option.
  • Now select the Update Driver option.
  • After this click on Search Automatically for drivers option.
  • After this your computer will automatically update the system drivers, you just follow the instructions given on the screen.
  • Once the drivers are updated, the message Driver Updated Successfully will Appear on your PC screen.
  • After this restart your system once.

After doing all this, YouTube will start running on your PC.

If YouTube is not running even after trying all the methods given above? So you should take help from YouTube’s help center in this matter. YouTube has its own Help Center where you can write about your problem, where they will help you in finding the solution.

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Q. What to do If YouTube is not working?

Ans : If YouTube is not working in your device then you can try these methods

Close and restart YouTube

Check your Internet connection

Restart your device

Update YouTube App

Clear Cache and Data of YouTube App

Sync your device’s date and time

Check if YouTube is down from the server side?

Check if YouTube is restricted on the network on which you are using YouTube?

Lower the video quality

Update your GPU drivers

Complete information about this is given in the article above. You can see him.

Q. Why is YouTube not coming to my phone?

Ans: Check whether your phone is connected to Wi-Fi or cellular network or not. However, sometimes connecting to the network is not enough. Even if your device Appears “connected”, you may be accessing the server due to internal Internet issues.

Q. How to update YouTube?

Ans: To update the YouTube App on your mobile, open the Play Store on your mobile.

After this, search by typing YouTube in the search box.

Now click on the Update button near YouTube. (If the YouTube App in your phone is updated to the latest version, then you will get the Open button instead of Update. This means that YouTube is updated in your phone)

Q. Why is YouTube getting buffered and how to fix it?

Ans: To fix YouTube buffering problem, you should try to increase the internet speed and try to clear the cache and cookies.

Q. Can I set the video quality of YouTube?

Ans: Yes, you can go to YouTube App and go to Settings and adjust the video quality setting from there.

So friends, in the above article, I have told you about some ways to solve the problem “If YouTube is not running on your device”.

Hope you liked this article. If you liked this article of mine, then do share iton your social media account and with your friends so that other people also get information about this and their problem can also be solved.

Thank you!

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